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And I’ll Scratch Yours


And I’ll Scratch Yours

Hi everyone!

A while ago, the talented and legendary Peter Gabriel asked me if he could cover one of my songs off of Begin to Hope called "Après moi." This was for a project called "Scratch My Back" where he would record other musicians' songs with orchestra.

Then those musicians were asked to cover something from Peter's extensive catalogue and the album would be called "And I'll Scratch Yours." The song I recorded for this album is called "Blood of Eden," and I worked on it with my old friend and collaborator Joe Mendelson, as well as Jack Dishel of Only Son.

Peter will be releasing this album, which includes my cover, and the covers of his songs done by many wonderful artists, very soon.

You can click here to learn all the details!

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Regina Spektor's picture
on September 20, 2013 - 5:36pm


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very useful information for its readers, was amazing and inspiring.

patricia007's picture

Well, this seems like an interesting project... You must be having a good time....

ruy's picture

Me parece alucinante que Peter Gabriel haya incluido tu genia en una obra que parece genial. Valga la redundancia.