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Frequency Festival Unfortunately Cancelled Due To Illness


Frequency Festival Unfortunately Cancelled Due To Illness

Regina's team regrets to announce that due to illness, Regina has had to cancel today's show at the Frequency Festival in St. Polten, Austria.

Regina is suffering from intense migraine headaches, has seen a doctor and simply cannot perform today under the circumstances.

Regina was really looking forward to playing for her fans in Austria. She apologizes to anyone who made plans to come see the show today and thanks them for their understanding.

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on August 15, 2013 - 1:42pm


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No worries, you will get well, till then can't wait to hear from you. Stay safe :)

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Well that was rather unfortunate as i was going to be there, but i am over it now...

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It was very disappointing to hear that the concert was cancelled and we all were actually excited about seeing Regina & her performance. Anyway, we will pray for her and hope that she will get well soon.

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Regina my love, you said it yourself, the antidote is orgasm. Find yourself a little release to scare aware the migraine. Come back to us when you can.

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Хочу верить, что мигрень отпустила.
Береги себя, Регина.