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  • September 29

    Ahhh! It's here!! My new album Remember Us To Life is out now!!!

    You can buy it on iTunes, Amazon, from my website, or wherever else records are sold!

    Or stream it on Spotify or...

  • September 21

    Hello hi hi hi!

    I'm so (SO) excited for the new album release on September 30th!

    The fourth and final advance track from Remember Us To Life is coming out tomorrow - Thursday,...

  • September 09

    Hi everyone!

    I hope this finds everyone well or on the way to well:-) I’ve got some more news at the moment! 

    The website Consequence of Sound (I’ve always loved them and their name...

  • August 15

    Hi everyone! 

    Here are a few new things I'm excited to announce this week!

    First of all, I just put out another song from the new album called "Small Bill$" You can listen to it on...

  • July 22

    Hi Everyone!

    So, I wasn't just doing nothing all of this time (though I did do nothing some of the time :-)

    I also made a record. A new one. With all new songs on it.


  • March 09
    Hi Everyone!  Happy International Women's Day!   It's a fun day to announce that in a little over a month- April 16th,2016 we will be releasing 2 vinyl exclusives at indie record...
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