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  • October 31

    I'm very excited to announce this spring's tour of the US (and Montreal!)

    The shows are listed below. Tickets go on sale Friday November 4th!

    It's been so fun playing all these...

  • October 31

    Hi everyone! Here is the interview and performance of "Bleeding Heart" from CBS This Morning: Saturday that just aired. I also played "Older and Taller" and "Black and White" and you can watch...

  • October 14

    Hi Dear Peoples!

    I'm so glad that the new record, "Remember Us To Life" is out! Thank you so much for all the kind notes and good vibes! 

    If you haven't heard it yet, you can check...

  • September 29

    Ahhh! It's here!! My new album Remember Us To Life is out now!!!

    You can buy it on iTunes, Amazon, from my website, or wherever else records are sold!

    Or stream it on Spotify or...

  • September 21

    Hello hi hi hi!

    I'm so (SO) excited for the new album release on September 30th!

    The fourth and final advance track from Remember Us To Life is coming out tomorrow - Thursday,...

  • September 09

    Hi everyone!

    I hope this finds everyone well or on the way to well:-) I’ve got some more news at the moment! 

    The website Consequence of Sound (I’ve always loved them and their name...

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