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  • April 04

    Hi Sweden! I'm coming back and playing the Way Out West festival August 10-12! Can't wait! Tickets and info are here

  • April 03

    Hi from the road! As I finish up my US tour, I have some more shows to announce in the UK and Europe! 

    Here they are:

    July 31Corn Exchange, Cambridge, UK

    August 1City Hall,...

  • March 28

    Regina recently recorded a session with The Current in Minneapolis, featuring a performance and an interview. Listen to the session here:

    - Team RS

  • March 17

    Regina will perform at the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, RI on July 28. For tickets and more information visit

    - Team RS

  • March 02

    Regina has announced a show with Ben Folds at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA on July 26th.Regina’s mailing list subscribers will have access to a special limited pre-sale beginning March 13th, sign up...

  • February 28

    Thanks to everyone at Late Night with Seth Meyers for a fun night of political truth telling and good vibes! Here's us playing The Trapper and The Furrier last night.

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